2010 Holiday

Finally, the annual get away. We book Cathay Pacific this time around while we gathered with our friends (who traveled with Air Asia) in Taipei. Now comes the question, why not travel with Air Asia? It was all because my mom kept scaring me with the blog post she read about Air Asia, it’s unfit-to-fly plane in Thailand and a very tired Pilot on that flight. Therefore, I booked a ticket to Taipei with a transit in Hong Kong for the price of RM1,203.


The stewardesses were cute, great for the male passengers. Seating and overall comfort is not bad too. I would say their service is quite good. But what I did not like about Cathay Pacific would be the meal service which was pretty slow. It took the 2 hours after take off before I could feed my very hungry stomach. On the way back from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, it was even slower. The entertainment system was just ‘okay’. The very important factor during a flight for me will be the food served. It was just fine. Nothing great but it’s edible.

Dinner – Curry chicken with rice

Bread with minced chicken

IMO: MAS has the greatest food, Emirates has the best entertainment while Cathay Pacific offers lots of ‘eye candies’. Btw, all four of my flights, in and out of Taipei/ Hong Kong/ KL had an caucasian Captain. (Just an interesting observation)

Accommodation – Taipei

We managed to book an amazing apartment from Angel Luxious Apartment (I’m very sure they mean ‘luxurious’). Each night costs RM140+, which is cheap! It even has a washing machine (with dryer) and a kitchenette in the room. Take a look at the room for yourself.

If you think this place maybe too good to be true, you are just so wrong. The room is locked automatically with 2 kinds of numeric password.

One would first need to key in the numeric password at the metal door. After that, another numeric password is needed to open the grill. It’s really cool! From the inside, it looks like this.

To open, just press the ’round’ button.

Internet is free in the room. All you need to have is your own laptop as no wireless is provided. Everything was great except that the aircond was making a bit of noise at night.

Location was great too since it was just 3 minutes walking distance from the MRT Station: Guting. 7-11 is just across the road. What else can we need!