Horray, 2011 is here! As it marks the day when JP left, I bid him good with a smile on my face but still, with a very heavy heart. 2010 was a busy year for me (since when it wasn’t busy). I felt better at work and learnt how to deal with things around me. Although I may still be not as good, I’m still learning.

What do I miss about 2010?

I miss going to Goethe Institute for my German classes! I miss meeting up with my classmates there who turned to be really great friends.

I miss…..working? LOL! At this point I do miss work, maybe a little. But I take pride in what I do :) I may be delusional or trapped in a typical graduate path, whatever you may call it, I guess I AM progressing. Let’s see!

I miss the month of October 2010 till December 2010! I got to catch up with friends and JP. It was awesome!

That’s all! Yes. Nothing much to miss actually. Seriously.

A shout out to that dude who said the year of the tiger will be bad especially for girls who were born in the year of the tiger. What nonsense! My girlfriends and I would certainly not agree! But wait, there is another month left before we go into the year of the rabbit! That means Chinese New Year is soon?

Crap! Ain’t that a little too quick?

2011, I look forward for the awesomeness, greatness and all the fantabulous moments!