2015 was a bitter and sweet year. A very bitter one in fact. I still miss dad and I think I will continue missing him for the rest of my life. I guess that wouldn’t change. My biggest regret was to not have him over more often with us when he was around. Of course, there were other regrets too….

After he left, I saw the good and bad sides of people around us/him. There were lots of hypocrites, liars and fakers. At the same time, we had many good hearted people who helped us through the tough days. I guess it’s all about yin and yang in life. There are more good than bad though :)

Though life may seem settled, it is still a little battle for us, daily. My sister and I were forced to grow up and to move out of our comfort zone too quickly. I know my mother is grieving her own way too.

For 2016, I hope to learn to let go. Letting go may sound simple but in actual fact, it is difficult. At least for me. I do not deny that I do have regrets, sadness and anger in me especially when it comes to events which were related to my family. My parents told me to not place any anger or hatred to others but sometimes, anger/hatred grows in you without knowing. And that is how it happened to me.

I do hope to have a big heart like my father and a tough one like my mother’s. I’ll try, will try.

It can only get better in 2016. I hope will be a great year ahead for all of you too. God bless you and have a happy new year!