24 Hours in Singapore

24 Hours in Singapore

I have never returned to Asia ever since I packed my bag for Germany. It was all planned since I left, that I will not travel back until two years later. Those two years passed.

The plan is to travel back home for Chinese New Year. I took a month leave and began my journey from Frankfurt with the new A380 from Lufthansa! Lufthansa had an offer and I just had to try being in the new A380. Woo-hoo! I had a very good flight with minimal disruptions. As Lufthansa does not fly to Kuala Lumpur, I made a stop by at Singapore.

I had to see Singapore before leaving for KL. The only impression I have of Singapore was when I was really young. I made the right choice. From the moment I touched down at Changi Airport, I felt the aura of marvellous Singapore. I can’t explain the feeling but being in a country which I can relate to makes my heart skip. Haha.

The weather was warm and nice. I finally said byebye to my winter jacket and leggings! Ah, that feeling……was a bliss, I tell you.

The immigration officer greeted me with a warm smile and I happily told him that I am back for Chinese New Year. Then, I proceeded to take the taxi to reach the city. The taxi line was so organized!! I was really amazed. Everything was a breeze!

Anyway, I only had 24 hours and already had in mind the places to see. Though a plan is just a plan, I did not manage to see everything I wanted to but instead saw other places which were not in plan. Haha. It was however a very nice trip.

The best place I like in Singapore was the lift above The Shoppes Mall whereby there is a bridge leading to Marina Bay Sands! That place is so romantic. It was slightly windy that day and I stood there enjoying the breeze and view of Singapore with Micheal Bublé’s songs playing. OMG!!! I felt like standing there the whole night.

After that, I was at Mustafa Shopping Centre at 1am. They open 24hours and I thought, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see what they offer. The place is filled with stuff, all sorts of stuff. Say, if you want to bake a cake middle of the night, just head to Mustafa Centre. You will find what you need.

The next day, I was very early at Haji Lane but unfortunately, it was just too early since all the shops were still closed.

Time was running out and I quickly made my way to Gardens by the Bay. Then it rained. My Singapore trip was sorta cut short due to the rain. I still wanted to have a bit more of Singapore. Thus, I made my way to Bugis Junction for a little shopping. That was also the day I saw a whole floor of food court offering Asian food…after two years. The joy, the happiness…no words can describe. Hahaha!!

That was almost all I got to see in Singapore within 24 hours. I really want to stay longer next time and make a better video because Singapore really deserves more than this! But I still hope that you enjoyed my travel video of Singapore, from my perspective!