A Clown in a Suit

I was once again thrown into a pool of water without really knowing how to swim. Well, not complaining because I am ran the whole show myself. It’s way better than the blind leading the blind, that’s for sure!

So for the past two weeks the person working with me had to endure my HORRENDOUS German. I pity him, really. But he was really really patient – in a very nice way. God bless kind people like him because being snubbed immediately isn’t a nice feeling. After two weeks, everything came to an end and of course, we need to do a proper closure. I thought to myself, “Alright, I’ll just blah blah something”.

Boy boy, I sure did blah blah blah lots of stuff in front of 4 men who are so much older than me. One of them was like the biggest boss too. At that point of time I felt like sinking. With my bad command of German, I managed to make them agree with me. Of course I did it with grammar mistakes, horrible vocab and asking questions like – “What do you mean?” when it was supposed to me a very simple question/statement.


Now it is all done except for a few minor stuff, I feel like a laughing stock – all the time. As someone who is very expressive, I feel disabled when I am not able to express myself well. Sendiri carik pasal!