A (Lady) Taxi Driver

A (Lady) Taxi Driver

I’ve never forgotten my blog. In fact, I have been thinking of what I can blog here. There will be more videos to come but till then, I always like to type my thoughts here. Many asked me, if I ever need to work because I travel so much.

Truth is, yes I do. Just like most of you out there. I do. So it was one of those days I have random (interesting) chats. Why don’t I document them all here. Just for thoughts, laughs and perhaps memories :)

It was just one of those hectic days where I need to run from one place to another and had to get a taxi ride. Just so rare to get a lady taxi driver and there she was, waiting for passengers. I hopped into her taxi and told her my destination. We started talking and she told me that she has been a taxi driver for about 10 years. However, this is only a part time job for her. Having to drive 2 days in a week is more than enough for her. Many told her that driving taxi is dangerous because she is a lady but thankfully, she has not met any weirdos. I asked if she can say “no” to a passenger and it seems, it is possible if the person is drunk or if he looks like he can cause harm.

I was also told that she can only pick passengers up from Frankfurt. Since my destination was slightly out of Frankfurt, she was not allowed to wait at the taxi stand to pick passengers up. She has to drive back to Frankfurt to do so.  I guess it doesn’t really matter because the taxi drivers here are only paid a salary by the taxi companies. Hence, no point of increasing charges and saying “no” to passengers may cost the taxi driver his/her job.

I was brought to my destination safely and I paid her for the taxi ride. There goes one of the more interesting moments of my dull life.