A Valentine’s day email

Which was not meant for me. :)

I received this email from a stranger who was trying to email his ex-girlfriend. It’s just too bad that the email reached my inbox.

Dear XXX!!

Hello!! wahhh… think think back, so long no call you that le… miss calling you that!! haha…. DEAR DEAR!!!!!!!! hehe… so long no send you email le… surprise getting one from me or not? ^^ thinking tomorrow is the 14th… and so ngam tomorrow’s also 14th febuary.. Wish you HAPPY VALENTINE!!!! got anyone give you chocolate or not? hahaha…..

I dont know which email you use… so i ended sending to these three email of yours that i have in my list. .. ^^!! haha… so hope can get through to you like that la… yupp if not.. then…. hmm…. how to put this straight into words le… feel like so weird typing this email… well go with the flow la…. start from the very beginning… first first, when i came back le, thought i could like meet you like last time…. then from meet, to build small hope.. from this hope… thought can zui you back de…..but then we didnt… now that you are working, things also change le…. well…. many things has changed… meaning i cannot think it that way… you deserve more better life than this de…

hows life? busy from working like that as usual? hehe… im thinking maybe can meet up in bandar oneday like that. wonder can or not? just for a meal? after your work like that… need not so far.. near your staying place also can ^^!! these days i also nothing to do… stay at home only… so sad….feel like dont have any friends like that aa… haikz… hmmm….. day and day passes…. so fast cny also want over le… still remember got one time say want to play rummy with you de… end up also no chance… wonder when then can ooo… maybe next year keke~~ you say le? im still planning things out… havent really decide yet… might be going back to brisbane to take up master course… since havent really got work for me… hopefully will have better news for work next time when i come back.. hehe…..

many things you also forget le…. just wonder how come i still remember it de…. can let me know how you forget it completely til absolute zero like that de…. i wanted to know… :( dear dear… you said before le.. say only can be friend like that… but then how come we are like further than friend like that de??? sad sad…. these days i dreamt of you… its kinda bitter when wake up…. ><!! feel so empty… anyway… hai hao still have hippie and tger to hug~ ^^ hmmm…. oh.. i have also attached one song…. a little present for you during valentine day.. haha (like that also can) dont kik dao yaa… ^^

dear dear, thank you for everything sincerely…. although we ended up badly… i’m glad, happy that having you in my heart forever… hugz!! anyway… take care… and see you when you see me la…. let it all decide by the god…. =p do keep in touch =)

Warm Regards,

I couldn’t just ignore this email and had to….just had to reply.

Dear XXX and YYY,

I think YYY got the wrong email. Sorry but perhaps be a little careful when you send out emails :)

I wish the best for you and XXX. Hopefully YYYwill get a chance to “zui” XXX or else, may the both of you are happily celebrating Vday!

Btw, YYY, if you get no reply from XXX, maybe she just doesn’t want to be in contact. Oh well…take care the both of you and don’t send wrong emails again yea :)


Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!


Dear Grace,

Opps… sorry for the wrong email~ ^^!! paiseh!!! anyway nice to to meet you…. where you from?!

And my reply to dear YYY…

Dear YYY,

Nice try, Flirting on Valentine’s day. Nice to meet you. Are you going back to Brisbane for masters? All the best!

Just a word of advice, maybe to get Kei Kei back, you can start using more sophisticated English to impress her? She may be amazed and return to you :)

Good luck, YYY.