About Me

If you are someone who loves travelling, food and exploring new cultures, you found a new friend here!

Hello there! My name is Grace, a Malaysian Chinese who lived in Kuala Lumpur all my life until I found a new love for a foreign country in Europe, Germany. In 2011, I packed my bag and traveled 11 hours 20 minutes to Germany.

Grace KLIA

As days passed by, I tried to settle down with my foreign surrounding, coping with the new language and finding new friends. My love for food (well, eating) was then translated into many dishes I made myself in my little kitchen.

One thing I learned from my fellow German friends is to experience life more. So, I started to travel and began to run my own YouTube channel. It has been so rewarding to get to know new friends and every comment has been such encouragement. A big hug to all my subscribers and friends who gave much support!

So, let me guide you through my blog.

1. Are you travelling soon and need some travel ideas or insights? Or simply want to join me in my past travels within Europe and Asia?

I have been documenting my journeys on my blog. Recently, I started making YouTube videos to document my travels and I find them more engaging than photos! Videos can capture moments better compared to photos. Read or watch them here.

2. How’s life in Germany as Grace, you ask?

When I have many thoughts boggling in my head, I usually turn to my blog to let it all out here. Or when I am just enjoying the day (around the world), I try not to forget by having it documented here. The title says it all, Grace’s Moments! My everyday life just simply tells how life is as Grace. Perhaps, you can now have an idea of me.

3. Why Germany? Why not UK? USA? Korea????

I get asked so often and this is my answer.

4. Could you please pass me the recipe of Dish X or Dish Y?

I usually do not have a proper recipe because I often cook using my gut feel. Sometimes, my food turns out slightly different although they are of the same kind. Haha! However, I learned that many would love to cook, especially those who are away from home, like me! Thus, I started my cooking channel on YouTube: Nyonya Cooking. Hopefully, the videos are able to assist others who shares the same passion like me.

5. The video editing is so professionally done! Who is your video editor?

The videography and editing is done by Silvan Pictures. You can find contact details at this website.

If you have more questions for me, feel free to email me grace[at]gracemoments.com or write to me using the contact page. I would be happy to hear from you. Btw, I do not have a facebook account. :)