Age represents intelligence and capabilities at work?


Today I had a conversations with Mr. A and somehow, it came to the question which most girls would avoid:

“How old are you?”

So, I said I am 24-25 years old and he said I looked 19. He THOUGHT I was 19! Fair enough.

As much as it sounded like a compliment, it was indeed more like an insult. Mr A then asked me, at what age did I complete my studies? He questioned the capabilities of those who are so young because in his opinion it is not good that one starts working so quickly. This will lead to work without quality. I had to mention that UK has the same system too since we usually complete our studies at 22-23 years old.

Guess what he said?

“Well, UK is not doing that well anyway. Look at Germany, it is such a successful country. In Germany, most of us study till we’re 27-28 and that’s good!”

I was dumbfounded and very much offended. I mean, back in Malaysia, people use to think that I am at least 27 years old and over here I look 19! That is ok because generally Asians look less ‘matured’ compared to Caucasians. Then again, does that mean that my work is without quality? Or does that mean, my ability and intelligence are not on par with someone who is older than me by….say, 4 years? Even if he thinks so, it was bad enough to express it and he was just so insensitive to notice that he was indirectly insulting me.

That was really an “Ouch” and that also explains the lack of trust!

Now I get it. It’s ok….I will be the better person and forgive him for what he said. *Smiles*