Aki Hair Studio

Aki Hair Studio

Just like all the time, I HAD to have a new hairstyle for Chinese New Year! What’s more, it has been two years since I returned home. I couldn’t show up with the same old boring hair. Haha!!

The next day after I arrived in Kuala Lumpur (from Seoul) I made my way to Aki Hair Studio at TTDI. I am so not familiar with the whole area but thankfully, my trusted cab uncle brought me to the right place. It is actually quite easy to find if you know where Damansara Specialist Hospital is located. Here is the map:

Anyhow, I purposely called Aki from Germany to set up an appointment since I needed to be the earliest on the eve of Chinese New Year. I bet all salons were extremely busy on that day. I wasn’t willing to take the risk. I specifically wanted a Japanese/Korean stylist since my one and only best Chinese hairstylist (Joshua from Michael Ling, Sg Wang) found a new job somewhere else and I was not informed. :( I just seem to have problems with Chinese hairstylists because they always speak some Chinese dialect (which I am not that fluent with) and never English. Hmph. Perhaps, I never go to the more expensive ones. Oh wellll…

Everybody seems to frequent a Japanese/Korean hairstylist, which is why I wanted one too! Even though English is not his mother tongue, Aki was able to understand me very well. For someone who has only been in Malaysia for four years, he learned English pretty fast. He is very friendly, professional and  good looking too. Girls, there you go. The last reason is already why you should go there :P

I gave Aki the photos below which I took from the internet to show him what I wanted.

Well, I think Aki did a great job! The 3 hours was so worth it!;)