Behind every man who strays, there is always a …….

I was reading a blog post of a broken hearted lady who was just dumped by her boyfriend. Her heartbreak was rather obvious from her facebook posts and I guess it took her lots of guts (after months) to finally blog about her cheating boyfriend. She also mentioned about her ex’s newly found girlfriend who is currently taking over her bed, house and man. It was really sad to read about it even though I do not know her well. But there was once, I was very envious of her and her love story. It was like as if her love story was picked from a book of fairy tales.

Anyway, I was reading her blog post aloud to my boyfriend. And he questioned me, “Are all girls like that? When they see a man they like, they fight to get the man. Just like how dogs urinate at poles to mark their territory. (inside joke)” I did not really know how to answer but say, “I guess? Girls these days can be pretty scary”. I really think so because after reading the blogpost, I realise some girls these days have no shame to get everything they want without any guilt.

Come to think of it, a friend once asked, “Why do is the lady angry with the boyfriend’s/ husband’s b**ch and never with the man himself?” Which is quite true. They tend to hate the ‘b**ch’ who seduced the poor man (oh, poor thing). I say, both are @#$%^.