Birthday 2011

If I haven’t mentioned, I actually hate my birthday because it towards the end of the year. Everybody will remember Christmas and New Year. Who wants to remember my birthday?! I envied my friends when they get birthday wishes and presents while I sit at home on my birthday without getting any wishes because its the school holiday. Being an attention seeker (sadly, I admit), I often feel “sad” on my birthday.

However, my birthday is always celebrated with my family – no matter what! If my dad is away, he will always bring back a present for me when he returns. It’s a must! There was once when I woke up on my birthday and realised that everything was just as it was the day before. There were no presents and no wishes, even from family members. My mom casually told me that they forgotten my birthday. I toughen up to finally say it is ok but in actual fact, I went to cry in my room. Yeappp, birthday is that important to me! (Well, the family did not forget my birthday! I got a walkman as a present.) I’d say that my birthday the most important day in the year. Just too vain, I know!

Since the family is with me this year, I am glad that I am able to celebrate birthday with them again. Though its just US, I appreciate the time together because I know, I wouldn’t be able to celebrate birthday with them this year.

Dad gave me a cake, just like every year. JP brought him out to seek for a nice cake and they brought back this fruit pie/ tart.

At the age of 25, I only wish that I will have more opportunities to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones. Everybody shall be at the best of health!

Btw, I am not 26 okay, dammit! I just turned 25!!!!!