Birthday Stroll

Birthday Stroll

I am finally older than a quarter of a century. As I crawled out of bed, I got an invitation for brunch at this nice restaurant. So I kicked myself out of bed and prepared for brunch. As I slap on some makeup, I switched skyped on to find my family singing “Happy Birthday” to me. How cute! This is my first time celebrating birthday without my family by my side.

Anyway, I took a slow walk to the restaurant. The walk was very windy but manageable, even though I had my heels on. To ensure that my youth is remembered (before the wrinkles worsen), I had some photos taken during the walk.

IMG_6576 IMG_6571 IMG_6595 IMG_6609

And what did I get for my birthday, you asked?

A new friend. Everyone, say hello to Matze :P