Breaking up...from friendships

Breaking up…from friendships

I am sure that we all have heard of “falling out of love” because the “person no longer understands me”, “we were both too young”, “we grew up towards different directions” or “he/she changed”.

So, I had a conversation with a friend, and he was telling me how he lost contact with all his friends from his childhood because they now walk different paths. Paths which are the total opposite of his, in every way. Be it in education, career or life. He and his “friends” have different lives. It made me think….if there is such a thing as “falling out of love”, wouldn’t it be possible to “fall out of friendships”, too?

As we grow in life, we tend to find our own paths. We explore things we may have never explored in life and guess what, we liked some of it. So much that we have much passion for it but cannot make people whom we call friends appreciate how we see things or how we would like to think. Different niveau, as they say it in German/French.  And that is when, either one of us will be “dull”, “crazy”, “hopeless” or “uninteresting”.

It is not anybody’s fault but it was just how things turned out to be. Just like dealing with a partner we once had.

It could be a decision of a relationship you made against friendship or a passion you have which may sound totally pointless to others, friendships will no longer be like they were before.

Is that normal for this to happen? And BFF is a myth?

I think, at the end of the day, good friends are supposed to bring out the best in you. They should believe in you and the things you do. If it is something wrong, they should agree to disagree after giving the needed advice and still, support you in case you fall. They should also be able to challenge you in a healthy way for you to make sure that the both of you will grow for the better and fill you with positivity, whenever possible. Of course, all these should be vice versa.

Have you even “broken up” with a friend? Have you ever fell out of friendships? Tell me about it. I would love to know.