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After so long, this is the write up of day 2 about my trip to Southern France. I am a lazy blogger. JP said “Oh, no blog post in the month of June! What a shame!” *bleh!*

Anyway, Cannes was my second stop during my road trip. Just to refresh your memory, I flew to Nice from Frankfurt on the first day. Cannes is rather near to Nice and the drive took about an hour. I was all excited, hoping to bump into some hollywood actors/ actresses but unfortunately I did not. Well, except for Angelina Jolie’s palm print!

On an overall perception, Cannes is a very fashionable city. It’s not big but there are quite a number of shops for clothing and simply elegant bakeries/chocolatier! Besides Nice, Cannes is one of the busier city among the cities which I visited during this trip. Of course, many of the rich live with their private yatch there.

It may look very sun but it was quite chilly actually.

This is the centre of the city. Within Cannes, one can always take the bus to move around. But hey, it’s not your normal bus but a veryyy cute bus!!

Maybe it is due to the little tight roads in Cannes, the busses are smaller. From the centre of the town, there is a street of restaurants/cafe/boutiques.

And that me, standing in front of my ice cream shop! Opps..wrong spelling :P But actually some times I get called as Glace too…or Gracie.. God knows why!

And what is french without the french pastries right? Macarons? Cakes?! I want!!!!!

Even their cupcakes look better on this side of the world.

As I walked deeper into the city, I found a market place whereby antiques/second hand stuff are sold.

Louis Vuitton bags anyone?

After exploring the city centre, I took the winding and narrow roads up to the hills which leads to the Castle Museum (Château de la Castre).

There are more restaurants and shops leading up. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants operate after 6pm.

I took this photo after climbing up the stairs. Good that I was wearing my ballerinas instead and not heels.

Finally reached the castle. The view from the castle was simply breathtaking.

I took about 30 minutes to enjoy the view and finally walked down to the beach. The water was simply so clear and the smell of the sea water was so refreshing. I wish I am able to share the scent with you through my blog!

Though there is no scent to share with you, I have a video again!