Chinese New Year

新年快乐!!! (Yes, I copied it somewhere :P )

That means Happy New Year! So, we ushering the Rabbit year this time around. I believe most of you had your yummy reunion dinner with family members. I had mine too…but just a very simple one with my parents. Besides the dinner, what is CNY all about? Let me tell you what I think. Actually, it’s what I forsee happening tomorrow…in a few hours.

First, we will visit my grandma and relatives will be coming over to visit my grandma too. This is when, the real new year begins! They will first look at you and compliment you, or make you greet them with some auspicious greetings to get the red packet, which contains money (not important).

After that, we get updates about each other. Work, relationship, family, etc. If you talk about your fantastic work, then they go “Ahh..that’s really good!! You will be earning so much soon! Make sure you remember me when you get rich ahhh?!!” And if you don’t do ‘that’ well, “Ohh…don’t worry. You will find something better.” Well, I get it that people are trying to be nice. But sometimes, we just don’t want to tell much. When you are in the we-have-nothing-else-to-talk situation, eventually you’ll have to say s o m e t h i n g!! Or else, the conversation will be about someone else….and that naturally means, you’re gossipping! It’s bad, btw ;)

How can we improve the situation, you ask? Just continue the tradition, the yearly gossiping and the eating. Hahaha! Just a some rants but CNY is actually nice. I’ll miss it! Btw, I think the cookies don’t taste as good compared to the previous years. CNY was way better when I was younger! Money collection was so much more! I guess, we were happier back then, cause we had no worries but only knew that we needed to memorize red packets to know who gave us the most during the year.

I reckon, my family and I will celebrate CNY 2011 moderately. To all who are reading this, Happy Chinese New Year. The Bunny year will be a good year for all!

P/S: Btw, the girls love my hair but the guys dislike it! Why ah??!!