Chinese stuff

JP kept on pestering me to visit an exhibition in Frankfurt which his Chinese language teacher suggested. I know it’s really weird that he is learning Mandarin while I am taking up German lessons. Anyway, we took a slow walk to the exhibition centre and guess what’s the name of this exhibition?? Chinese Stuff. I was being sarcastic when I heard the name of it, “So what’s there? Chinese stuff??” *rolls eyes* Boy, I was right, on the spot! There were chinese stuff.

I giggled from the moment I entered the hall till the end of the visit. Why? Because all the things there were stuff I could find in my Grandma’s home or stuff which I have seen/ used in the 80s or 90s.

Basically, the stuff in the exhibition are items used in a Chinese household. So, I kept on saying stuff like “Hahahaha…I used that!!” or “Eiii…my grandpa has one of those!!” while the Germans were reading with so much attention abt the details of the items displayed. Stuff like white singlets on wooden clothes hanger made me think so much of my childhood times at my Granny’s.

Or maybe these sharpeners remind me of mine when I was 8???

Or this toilet plunger? I have one at my current place…

Like, hilarious aight?? Now, here is something that we can’t find in Malaysia.

An aluminium carcycle??

A very cheap hotel bedroom sandals.

Seriously??? Maybe my old metal pencil case could have been in this exhibition too.

Nescafe bottles as water bottles??

My Grandma haz tis’!!!

I am sure this is familiar too :)

My Grandpa haz tis’!!

Some chinese stationery thingy.

Improvised bicycle with a seat at the back.

The seat, somekind of cleaner, mirror and my/ your favourite seat as a child? Tee-hee.

“Pak fong yuen” (somewhat like vitamin) for the ladies.

A chopstick dispenser.

This is a genius….Not sure if we have this in Malaysia. But you know how the imported cars these days will beep like crazy if we don’t buckle up? This is to stop the beep!

Well, if you have anything to provide me such as your old pillow or your Grandma’s biscuit tin, drop me a line. Maybe we can have a Malaysian thing exhibition here *winks*

Just to keep you updated with the news here: The FAG is against the building of the new airport runway in Frankfurt. Interesting, FAG….