Christmas 2011

The family arrived on Christmas eve and I cooked them Christmas dinner for the first time. Actually, it’s my first time cooking an actual meal for them cause as you may have known, I do not lift a finger at home. LOLS! The roasted chicken and tiramisu turned out to be exceptionally good. Self praise is international disgrace, I know I know….but it is really so damn good. ><

JP who is the most critical person I’ve known gave thumbs up to both the dishes. Dad is currently on a no-meat-but-fish only diet. So, I made him this grilled marinated cod fish. After much hard work, the spaghetti has to of course come from ta-da…..the ready made sauce from the supermarket!!

You may have seen these photos in my facebook but I must post it up again because it’s just so yummy. LOL!

I have not disclosed my Christmas tree anywhere else but please don’t say that my Christmas tree is botak (bald). The fake Christmas trees are just too perfect. This is me beside an actual Christmas tree. Both of us don’t look best but wadaheck….

Hopefully, all of you had a blessed Christmas. New Year would be approaching soon and it will be 2012 in a few hours. Any plans so far? Have a blast!!