Christmas ist bald!

No no…santa is not getting bald. Bald means soon, in German.

I have never really celebrated Christmas but as a Malaysian, we somehow celebrate everything. I bet the malls in KL are all decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmas music is all over. Not forgetting the thin Santas (because we can’t get fat Santas?) and the Santarinas (with short skirts…idungeddit!!).

Anyway, since everybody is in the Christmas mood, I decided to celebrate Christmas this year. I saw people buying Christmas decorations, I became kiasu and wanted some myself too! Christmas trees are everywhere, I want one too!! I will be getting a small one, not too big but just nice for the fun of it. A real Christmas tree, btw. Not a plastic one…and a mini one wouldn’t kill the environment…I guess?!

So..let me show you how is Christmas like in Germany. Over here, the Christmas mood is felt overall. In the city, in the websites and even in offices. I was in one office last week whereby it was dimly lit with Christmas decorations lights all over. Even one of the chair had a huge Christmas hat as its cover.

4 weeks before the week of Christmas arrives, we lighted one of the candles on the Advent Wreath. During a Christmas celebration in Goethe Institute, a teacher who was from Austria (Austrians speak German too and dammit, it’s not Australia) explained that people it is an Austrian tradition to have the Advent wreath and light up one candle on every Sunday (starting from the fourth week before Christmas). I think it is a German tradition too.

If you are interested, here is the history of it (source: Wikipedia)

Each of the candles are called Advent candles and will be lighted on the first Sunday of Advent. The Advent wreath was introduced by Johann Hintich Wichern, a Protestant in 1839. He was living in an old farm house with some children and they kept asking, when is Christmas. Thus, he built a wreath made out of wooden wagon wheel with 20 small red candles and 4 large white candles. Everyday of the Advent would mean that they will need to light one of the candles. On the Sundays, they will need to light one of the large white candle. With that, children were able to count the days till Christmas.

There were (however) suspicions that the wreath was introduced way before Johann did.

I bought a plain Advent wreath and decorated it myself with some small ornaments.

I was very contented with mine although it may not be as nice as my friends’. Mine was very plain compared to theirs but I will try to improve next year (hmmpff!!)

Today, I lighted the 3rd candle…

That means Christmas is very very near! FYI, Weihnachten means Christmas in German.