Cover My Mouth to Kill Me

Those were the day when I await to fall sick back in KL. Because when I “finally” fall sick, I get to leave my laptop for 2 good days (that’s when I give my doctor the puppy eyes) and with 4 types of medication and antibiotic, I will be up and running on the second day.

Now goddammit…..I just hate falling sick. I feel bad for not working. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am no workaholic. Because the working conditions are, lets say not that “good” back in Asia, I tend to take every opportunity to rest. So, naturally being sick is an excuse to rest! In Germany, I get to taste my weekends, sometimes my evenings and even get to have at least 2 long holidays. 28 days annual leave. ‘Nuff said. And that is by law.

If you read about my previous post about visiting a doctor in Germany, well, the whole saga repeated. This time I pushed myself hard enough to continue working and ignoring the fact that I-AM-SICK for a very good reason. There is no need to go to the doctor unless I need Medical Certificate (MC). That basically means sit at home and not go to work. So I thought, “What about my work?” “No way, due dates coming soon!!!”.

Even though I was down with slight fever and lost my voice, I gathered myself and went to work for 3 days (I was resting/ working from hotel for the other 2 days). Btw, it is possible to just call in sick for at most 3 days and on the 4th day onwards, MC will be needed. I remember how I use to drag myself when I am sick to the doctor just in time to get the MC before 10.30 so that I can report sick. It is all based on trust over here.

It is then a whole different story over here about being sick and yet still go to work. Colleagues do not like it. Seriously. I don’t remember my colleagues even asking me to go home when I coughed or sneezed back in KL. Over here, they ask me to go home and they meant it. Like “Go home, don’t get me sick too”. Well, not that they said it roughly but it is known that they meant it. And I felt it too.

Anyway the doctor gave me 4 days MC (till Friday), gave me 1 type of medicine and asked me to wash my nose with salt water (!!!). I feel so horrible. Horrible because I can only breathe through my mouth and because I am not productive. Seriously, when there are 28 days annual leave to rest (not inclusive of the OT hours – up to 10 days), the rest of the days are meant to be spent productively. BODY, Y U SICK NAO?!?!?!?!

Today, I overlooked a meeting and forgot to cancel it. I sent out an email with a wrong grammar and have been receiving calls from a colleague who always sounds so frantic. My heart can’t take it anymore.