Crazy Autumn

Crazy Autumn

Hello beautiful people once again.

I was busy juggling my work and did not think much of blogging. The time passes by so quickly! Guess what, it is already November! Say welcome Christmas? It was just like summer yesterday and now it is already winter?

When the locals told me the weather in Germany is crazy, I just laughed it off. The told me, it is always cold here and I said, “Horray! I like that because it is so hot in Malaysia”. Now I have to eat my own words. A slap on my face. More like slaps of snowflakes.

The past 1-2 weeks was still in the transition of summer to autumn. Leaves were changing colours, it was sometimes rainy and chilly but sometimes it can be rather sunny too.

Like this. Pretty aight? I wish I can just lay there or maybe use the location to camwhore. But no-no, this place is near where I work so I’ll have to take care of my image :P

And that very weekend, temperature was dropping, below 0! Boom! It came! Snow came!!! It was snowing heavily and it felt liket Christmas came early. Everything looked pretty but hey, winter has to wait because I still want to enjoy autumn!

This is an activist who made a Bob Marley snowman with the message to save the earth. While all these was happening in cold Germany, I read about friends and family who complained about the heat in Malaysia. Oh dear, at that moment, I really cannot decide where to be because the cold weather was making me feel sick. However the thought of the heat wasn’t appealing. The world is going crazy!

Besides the weather, nothing else was crazy enough. Don’t worry I did not cut my hair! It is still long and frizzy.

Oh, and if I send this postcard to Malaysia, do you think it will ever make it to the receiver? I doubt so… and THIS is exactly what I meant by “normal size” here.

I rest my case! *walks away*