Croatia: Visiting Dubrovnik, Makarska, Bol

Croatia: Visiting Dubrovnik, Makarska, Bol

I have so much to show and tell because Croatia was full of amazing experiences. The typical sun and beach holiday, it was all I needed back then. Many asked me, how did I end up in Croatia? Well, not many would have thought to spend their holiday in Croatia. Usually in Europe, many would opt to go for the romantic France, majestic Italy or the dream place, Santorini in Greece.

The following blog post will tell you or show you, why Croatia is a great holiday destination! I flew from Frankfurt to Dubrovnik without knowing what to really expect from this country because I have not heard much about it.

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Anyway, it was at night when I arrived and to be honest, it was not that impressive until, I entered the town of Dubrovnik. I was there first at night on the day of arrival and boy, was I surprised to see such pretty old town lighted with beautiful cozy lights. For dinner, I decided to just have a simple pizza.

The next morning, I was wow-ed by everything around me. Staying near the Ferry Port and the Main Bus Station also means that I was near the sea! The sea breeze the next day was accompanied with a very sunny weather. It was just perfect. The surroundings just confirmed that Croatia is a beautiful place.

From my guest house, I took the bus to the city. The first thing that I saw was the amazing Pile Gate which lead me to the old town. You will also never miss the amazing City Walls which surronds the old city of Dubrovnik. The Big Onofrije’s Fountain welcomes everyone who walks past the Pile Gate. Now, near the fountain is the Franciscan Monastery. What is most interesting about this monastery is actually located outside, just on the wall.

Don’t be surprised to see people trying to run against the wall. Nope they are not trying to commit suicide. Instead, they are trying to get blessed. It seems that if one remains long enough on this little stone which is attached to the wall, you will be blessed with luck. As though it is not hard enough, some people told me that men have to remove their clothes in order to be blessed. Women on the other hand do not need to do it. I did not try standing on the stone because I was too shy. Hahaha! I did not manage to see anyone who succeeded. Hmm… You can anyway see this in the video at 0:09.

Many tourists would have opted to take a tour along the City Wall which costs HRK 70 (10€). I decided to take the cable car instead. Just ask the Tourist office which is located near the Big Onofrije’s Fountain to locate your way to the cable car. I paid HRK 87 for a round trip. It was worth it!!

After that, I just took a walk around town. There were many stalls and cafes around. If you are tired after much walking, just take a coffee to enjoy the atmosphere in the city. I kept walking and found myself at the St. Ignatius Church. Being there made it feel really romantic. Continuing my journey, I somehow got to a hidden spot. Haha! Why do I say so? It’s a little bar called Cafe Buza which is located at a cliff. It claims to serve cold drinks with the most beautiful view and I do really agree! Great music and a nice cold drink made me feel really good. Check out this video by Mateo Curić to get an impression.

Just a quick tip, if you are planning a trip there, just tweet to @DubrovnikCom for any questions. I did that to ask about the weather and they replied me so quickly. That helped a little with the planning of the trip and packing.

Travel from Dubrovnik to Bol (Passing by Makarska)

The next day, I took the 8 am bus from the Dubrovnik main bus station. The bus drives on the Franjo Tuđman Bridge and arrived in Makarska 3 hours later. Along the way, we drove pass Bosnia. Thus, remember to bring your passport on the bus. Bus Croatia offers timetables for their buses across Croatia. The plan is to take the ferry from Makarska to Sumartin and continue to Bol by taxi. There is no bus or train directly from Sumartin to Bol, which is why the only way to reach Bol is by taxi or car.

Taxis are always waiting at the port but be sure to arrange your ride fast after getting off the ferry, or you have to wait for the next round of taxis to arrive. I was lucky to share my ride with another couple. So that halved my fare of 280 KN (if I remember correctly).

However, if you have more time, I would really recommend to stay a few days in Makarska. That was my only regret during the trip. Makarska gave me the feeling like I’ve arrived in a poster. It was just.that.gorgeous.

Bol in Brač Island

Arriving in Bol, I realised that the town was pretty small. Although it was small, Bol was just amazing! It was just this small town but very cute. It was like THE place to settle down. I stayed for a few days and I am glad I did! I had really yummy fruits in Bol. The King’s Stairs leading up to the fruit market sells the best fruits found in Bol. You are allowed to test the fruits before buying. Just ask the friendly sellers. Bol is also all about their beach.

The Golden Horn beach (Zlatni Rat) is one of the best beaches in the world. I experienced sunset there and wow, simply amazing! Just remember to bring proper footwear like swim shoes will be much needed due to the pebbles which fills the beach. Because there is no sand, the seawater is astonishingly clear.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my video. A big thank you to all who shared my videos. The second blog post should be up soon!