Day trip to Wertheim Village

JP and I rented an Audi over the weekend (two weekends ago actually) for 80€ and we drove to Wertheim Village for shopping!! Quite a deal actually, 80€ for Friday evening till Monday morning.

Wertheim Village is a place for outlet stores whereby branded items are sold at a very much cheaper price. It took us slightly over 1 hour to reach Wertheim Village and we arrived slightly late that evening, at about 4pm. If I can choose again, I may just opt to take the train from Frankfurt Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) and pay 10€ for a trip there. The drive was pretty long, foggy and due to the current season, day light doesn’t last long.

Anyway, before reaching Wertheim VIllage, we saw this chocolate store and decided to make a quick stop.

Christmas is around the corner. Hence the many chocolate santas around. During Easter, there will be chocolate bunnies. But let’s leave that to an Easter blogpost. :)

This is the entrance of Wertheim Village.

So pretty with the Christmas decorations, etc.

My haul during the trip? Just that little bag you see above. Bought only a pair of pants for work because all my pants are slipping off, if only someone were to pull hard enough… pants would be at my ankle. I think I lost 1 size, I hope!