Dear men….

I just don’t get it. When you don’t get a reply from the girl, that means she is just not interested. Don’t keep trying.

Now, here’s there thing. Some girls may like it for you to act like a big brother. But not for me. Not all girls like to be the ‘little one’. For example, yours truly prefer to be the ‘big sister’! Don’t think by giving the girl some “advice” and patting her head, you are now the big brother. Not all girls like it… Besides that, it’s just a trick to first get the girl as a ‘little sister’ without any intentions. LMAO. Most of the time, the so called “little sister” will be upgraded to be a girlfriend instead. What a trick rite?? Well, I am not bs-ing because it’s according to my observation, it’s just so.

Have you ever thought that her so called “problems” are never really problems because she bullshit-ed her way out to hide some details of her life. Because she was never interested to be close to you. So, let her go and you should just get on with life too.

Points to take. If you have contacted her through various mediums or if you gave your phone number repeatedly and yet there is no reply, it simply means….she doesn’t want to meet you lorrr!! It’s that difficult to understand. Or not?

Do you men simply need an answer – Dude, I don’t want to meet you.

So, do us both a favour. Allow me to remain nice and safe yourself from being embarrassed. Alright???