Does Long-distance Relationship Work?

Does Long-distance Relationship Work?

There may be several answers to this but let me tell you, we did it, JP and I :)

Two continents and 12 hours away, it is possible!

I met JP online. Before you think it was some “” or “” kind of endeavor, our relationship was not even close to that. Remember how I wanted to move to Germany so badly? It was how I accidentally met JP. The internet was one of my sources for learning German. Therefore it was no surprise to have JP as my language partner on this website called iTalki. I conversed with a few Germans on that platform but JP remained as a great online buddy.

We started off as friends, talking about everything under the sun. To be honest, I found him irritating at the beginning. I still remember when he messaged me for the first time while I was in the midst of preparing my final year project, saying something like, “I just wanted to say hello to an exotic Malaysian girl!”. “Nice try”, I thought.

That was how we started off in 2008. Lots of messages back and fourth. Later, we started sending photos of our country and the places we visited, etc. Then we moved on to sending little packages of snacks from our respective countries. It was fun!

Two years of online chats, JP and I were unsure of the future. I remember him being very reluctant to commit, because it is, after all, just an online relationship. He said, we would come together after four years. How? We didn’t know.

One thing was for sure, I wanted to go to Germany. I tried my luck twice to look for a proper job here and was lucky to make it at the second chance. Voila, I was in Germany. As simple as it may sound, it was definitely, not simple at all.

There were lots of tears and frustrations due to disappointments from job rejections and the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Also, arguments due to uncertainty. There were times when days seem lonelier and quieter. Achievements were meaningless as we could only share by sending an SMS. I remember crying because of stress at work and JP could only comfort me with his voice on Skype. It was tough because we were also realistic as it was clear that we cannot start off without securing our source of income if we came together. The difficulties made us treasure every second when we met up, every once in a year. Thankfully, my family and friends love him. That was important for me and I’m glad we happened.

Luck was on our side. JP and I secured a job. We had no one else to fall back on but ourselves as we explored our new lives together.

Since then, life was JP was just exciting! We grew up learning more about each other, enjoying our travel moments and creating lots of projects together. One of it was the project is a video which we made of our story – the long distance relationship.

With a help from a friend, we made recorded some scenes at the airport until 2am. 80% of the shots were done by JP and fully edited my him as well. What a talented man right? It was first shown during our wedding dinner and we received very good feedbacks. We hope you will love it too.

p/s: As you read this, we are attempting another crazy project. LOL! Sometimes I tell JP, we.are.just.too.crazy!