Family’s visit

This is their 3rd time visiting Frankfurt. The first time was a family holiday, when I was 14. I myself could hardly remember anything except my dad telling me about Euro (Germany was still using Deutsche Mark back then).

Their 2nd visit to Germany was for me, in 2009. The year they paid heaps for my flight ticket with the objective of a job interview – which was a gamble that I lost. It was a short trip for them because my dad has to work but I extended my stay to see more places.

The 3rd trip was also for me, to visit me in Germany :) This time around it’s different. We had to take care of everything ourselves. Although it was quite crammed as they stayed over at my place but it was all worth it. Now this place of mine feels so quiet. Quite funny that everything felt like it never happened, like it was a dream.

My family stayed over for slightly more than 2 weeks. Time passed by so quickly…with a blink of an eye!

Mom was coughing badly during the first week and dad was keeping up with his fish only diet. Everything fell into place when we found out that the dry air/ heater was the cause of her cough and dad settled with more chicken and pork in his diet, made everything much easier.

Anyway, they helped me clean up the whole place. It is all neat now and I will try…try hard to keep it like that. Hehe!! They hand carried a bag of goodies all the way from Malaysia like Apollo cake (all gone by now!!!), ‘kuih kapit’, pineapple tarts and Gardenia butterscotch bread (THE BEST BREAD EVER).

A photo of my 1/2 a tin ‘kuih kapit’.

My dad spent 3 hours of stirring pineapple jam, the nyonya way and I am left with 2 tubs of pineapple tarts.

Before they returned, mom made ‘sambal udang’ for me to freeze and it shall be enjoyed bit by bit. There is also a bottle of ‘cili garam’ in the fridge. Oh bliss!! JP said, if one likes spicy food, Malaysian food is the best! I cooked dinner with many more dishes compared to normal days for all of us before they left.

They are now safely at home in KL sleeping and my place has been awfully quiet. My holiday ended with tears, stiff neck (don’t know why!) and backache. Sigh!

Chinese New Year will be approaching soon and I won’t be back. For those who have been waiting for me to say this, here you go –  Yes, I am now officially missing home! :(

A candid photo of us. They will be here again in 2014 and I will be back in 2013! Looking forward to many more happy photos..