Flemings Munich City/Flemings München City

This is the first hotel that I’ve stayed in Munich. It’s not a super luxurious hotel but let’s just say, it’s comfortable. I managed to secure a very good package with them – free breakfast, mini bar and pay TV at the price of 115€. Internet rate is about 150€ pernight.

I was totally excited and immediately, I quickly made a few photos of the hotel.

Door way

Sexy shower

Comfy bed

And this is the view of the street in front of the hotel.

Wow factors: It’s opposite the main station area – very good access to trams, trains, etc, 10 minutes walk to the shopping street, free Wi-Fi (plus free pay tv and mini bar)

Not so good factors: Limited breakfast choice

When I heard FREE pay TV and mini bar, OF COURSE I had to make use of the opportunity. That very evening, I took a bottle of beer with the hope to watch some latest movies which are offered in the pay TV listing. Happily, I entered my room number to confirm my pay TV viewing. Instead of a Hollywood hit, all I saw two stark naked human (man & woman duh)…..mmm……it was actually porn! The first thing that came to my mind was, “Is this REALLY FREE??”. To my horror, my pay TV “order” was stated on my bill. It was a big no no because someone else was helping me to pay the hotel since I did not have a credit card back then. I had to call the reception to double confirm and ensured that it IS free or else, it would be so embarrassing.

So there you go, LESSON LEARNED: Do not watch free pay TV…..not everything free is good.

Recommended? : Yup….for singles, couples and not for group friends/ family. As you can see, the shower is a too sexy for a group of people. All shower in Flemings is as such.