Hello beautiful people…

How was/is your Sunday? It’s still very sunny here in Frankfurt :) The sun usually sets at 9.30pm – 10pm since it is spring now. Weather has been beautiful the whole day.

I was really tied up with my work and just returned from Berlin for a short trip over the public holiday on Thursday. All I can say about Berlin is…..”I left my heart there!”.

But let me tell you about Frühlingsfest (pronounced as frue-lings-fest). So it is the Spring Fest which very much like Oktoberfest but very much smaller. It is also held at Theresienwiese in Munich, the same place where Oktoberfest takes place. So people dance, eat and basically have a good time there.

I made some short clips but it hope it is good enough to share with you my experience. Also, I wanted to show off my dirndl.

Dirndl is this costume or milk maid dress, as my friends call it. The men will wear the “Lederhose” (leather pants) during this event. I find dirndl really beautiful and sweet. Which was why, I bought two. Not sure if I will have the chance to wear this dirndl again or the 2nd one but it’s just so beautiful that I don’t mind owning them. It’s meant to only show off boobs (yes, boobs) and not legs. So, I really don’t get it why the Oktoberfest in Malaysia is celebrated with girls in extremely short dirndl to show off legs. Just don’t get it…I guess it’s exploitation but hey, traditions are meant to be kept as it is.

So, if you are well endowed (very very well endowed), you will look really good wearing the dirndl. People like me was asked to get a push up bra at a “special place” by the seller (of the dirndl) because she doesn’t have any to offer me.

“Yours are too small.” she said it with a serious face…..

I wanted to commit suicide………………….

Anyway, here is the video..

Prostttt!! (Yum Seng/ Kanpei/ Cheers)