German is not the language of love

German is not the language of love

Many said that the German language is very rough and can never be the language of love. I personally do not find it that rough (compared to some Chinese dialets) but yes, among the few European languages I know, German may seem one of the more harsh sounding language.

One thing I do agree though is that German cannot be the language of love.

The other day, I was chatting with JP and I asked (many times, againnnn)… “Why don’t you speak German with me?”

He said that he simply prefers to speak English. Well, I told him, I can only speak better German if we change to speaking German as our main language. JP gave in, “Ok, lass uns Deutsch sprechen, meine süße Schnecke!” (Let’s speak German, my sweet snail)

“Whhuutt?? What is Schnecke?”


Seriously, sweet snail? How is snail even sweet? All I can think of is that disgusting slimy thing. JP laughed and said it means – Hot girl. Now, that doesn’t make any sense.

I was more disgusted than anything. So I asked him to call me something else…..

And he did. As he laughed, he said….”Du geile Sau

That was it, he called me an “attractive/sexy PIG”!

I gave up. We spoke English again, as usual.