Getting Around in Taipei

The MRT is good enough for the public to move around in Taipei. It is really convenient to switch from one line to a different line. You can buy the EZ Card (something like Malaysian’s Touch n Go) but I did not do that. It was no hassle to buy the train ticket at the automated machine. Train fare costs about 20NT to 45NT (about RM2 – RM4.5) per way.

Here are the MRT routes, print this out as a guide.

MRT routes obtained from: Taiwan Holidays

Taxi fares are rather cheap too. As you hop on the taxi, the meter starts from 70NT. Overall, the taxi drivers are nice people but we had an experience with a taxi driver from National Palace Museum as he appeared to be nice, at the beginning of the ride. Even chatted to us in English. It all ended when we declined his offer to send us directly to the apartment we are living in instead of the nearest MRT station.

If you are traveling to other further places such as Jiu Fen or Yilan, you will need to exchange to the TRA line instead. I went to Jiu Fen for a short day trip and had a bit of trouble looking for the station as I assumed that I will reach there by MRT. If you need more information, read up here: TRA

One can travel easily by bus too. In fact, we took the Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport (Express Bus) 国光客运 to Taipei Terminal 台北車站. The ride costs 125NT per person. On the way back to Taipei Airport, we took the Free-Go bus which costs 140NT from the hotel directly to the airport.