Gorges du Verdon

Gorges du Verdon

After the most educational day, I made a trip to Gorge du Verdon. This place was actually not in the plan but was recommended by my colleague who is an avid biker. All he said was, this is THE Grand Canyon of Europe. I really didn’t know what to expect.

So, JP and I started the trip from St. Rafael at about 9am. We just relied on the good ol’ GPS and off we went. The drive was just long and windy. We did however pass by an army camp. For the first time, I saw huge army tanks with my own eyes!! Well, of course I’ve seen it on TV and such but this was really an experience.

I think I risked my life for taking this photos. Somehow, I felt like someone maybe monitoring from inside and if they saw me with a camera, they might just shoot me down. Hm….I think I’ve been watching too many hollywood movies. Hahaha!!

Anyway, the drive continued….

A little hut is finally found. Else there were no sign of life besides cars driving by, which rarely happens.

Finally, we drove pass by a little french town after 2-3 hours of driving. But before that, a photo in the middle of no where. Tee-hee.

After much more driving, we reached the bridge of Gorges du Verdon which is also called Pont de Chaulière or Pont de l’Artuby. During summer, many tourists will be there to do bungee jumping.

It took about a 4 hours drives to the bridge and another 4 hours drive back to St. Rafael. Nevertheless, the drive was beautiful! The view of St Croix Lake was breathtaking.

And here is a jump for the lovely weather!

The route:

If you are planning to make a trip there, this is the route we took. Point B marked on the map is where the bridge is located and C is where St Croix Lake is at. The roads can be quite windy and narrow. So, drive carefully. But I saw an old couple who drove up there for a picnic. I guess, if you are used to driving at hills, this is nothing! But be very careful.

The view I saw on that very day was really amazing. I felt so blessed as I am able to see such a view myself.

And here is a video of my trip on that very day. Enjoy!