Grace can cook, for real!

Grace can cook, for real!

*Food post alert to my muslim readers. Btw, happy fasting!*

When I was at home in Kuala Lumpur, I was always chased out of the kitchen. Because my mom always said that I tend to disturb her. She didn’t allow me to help her with cutting or stirring because she wanted to whip dinner When I grew a little older (late teenage years), I would bug my mom to use the kitchen. And when I do, I always get one comment, “The kitchen looks like as if the tornado just came through…(because it became  so messy)” Haha…that still doesn’t change, btw.

But when I came to Germany, I get to work in the kitchen by myself. I was in Munich during the first few weeks upon arriving to this foreign country. That meant, I gobbled a lot of asian food which was customized to the local taste aka yucky meals. I miss miss missssss my authentic Asian meals! I miss my Malaysian meals! That was then, I started to cook every weekend. It was at first simple recipes and then it moved on to something more challenging like Nasi Lemak (Rice in coconut milk, with spicy chili paste). Oh dear… could you resist that.

I started experimenting a lot, and asking mom for the right recipe. When I cook, it is the only moment I get to think about things that happened during the week. For example, the things which I should not have done or said OR another way of approaching a situation, etc. Especially for work. It is my form of relaxation. When others enjoy my food, I feel really really happy. Like I have achieved something.

When I had facebook, my colleagues use to ask me about the food which I cooked over the weekend as I use to post lots of food pictures. That was how they were introduced to the Malaysian food. I am always happy to tell them that Malaysian food is very much like the people, multicultural!

I was even invited to a colleague’s place to prepare dinner with him and his girlfriend as they would like to try authentic Malaysian meal. I prepared Nasi Lemak for them. :) As I was toasting the kerisik (desiccated coconut), he asked me…”Why do you post so many photos of food online?”

Well, yea…..It was because NO ONE believed that I could cook. Until I made hundreds of photos….Hence, I named that album “I can cook to survive”. Haha!!

But that was the trigger, somehow. “Why just photos?” And many asks about recipes. Gosh, where do I begin. I am someone who cooks with gut feel. No proper measurement. So when colleagues or friends ask, I can’t give a proper recipe.

What did I do? I came up with a Youtube Channel. No, not Grace Moments but Nyonya Cooking. :)

Nyonya Cooking has been running since September 2012. We have about 15 videos and just hit 1000 subcribers last week. It is for us, quite an achievement.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.44.29 AMWhy Nyonya? You see, I was born in Malacca and my dad is a Baba. It is without doubt, I love the Straits Chinese food. Btw, Straits Chinese people are basically Chinese (from China) who married the local in Malaysia aka Malaya, many many many years ago. The whole story deserves another blog post or video actually. :P Tell me if you would like to know.

Hence, Nyonya (refering to a Strait Chinese lady, or in this case, me) Cooking. I want it to be a channel showing all sorts of recipes, especially Malaysian recipes, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian food. Anything works. In fact, I even have a video on the German version of Ginger Bread. I made it during Christmas and shared it with my German colleagues, who have already approved the recipe! It was a successful one!

If you love cooking and would like to see the other side of me, please do check out Nyonya Cooking and subscribe! It will make my day. Every comment, be it on Grace Moments of Nyonya Cooking makes my day :)

Here is the latest video. Enjoy! Muah!