Grrrr, Frankfurt

Grrrr, Frankfurt

“What an angry name for a Cafe?!”, I thought to myself. But the photos of the the cafe did make it seem very interesting. As JP was also interested to explore the extremely cold Frankfurt for a cup of good coffee, we made our way to Bornheim Mitte (U4) which was the nearest to Grrrr, which is an abbreviation for “Go Green Reduce Reuse Recycle”.


From the outside, the shop looks more like a furniture shop. No one would have thought that they sell coffee and cake in it. I took a step in and was surprised! It was filled with retro furniture, a mix and match of different funky chairs, tables, lamps and decorations.

IMG_5525 IMG_5532IMG_5533IMG_5530 IMG_5543 IMG_5528Best of all, one could seat anywhere. I started taking photos. Oh-so-instagram-worthy! All furnitures and decorations were for sale. In fact, I was very attracted to some antique looking porcelain plates which are on sale for a reasonable price! If you like, leave your email address for future news from them.

IMG_5524IMG_5539 IMG_5526Our coffee and cake were served using fine porcelain. Although it was the only choice, the apple cake was indeed delicious and the coffee, it was strong but delicious! I had it without sugar, just the way I liked it.

IMG_5534 IMG_5536Would I return? Definitely! It was a very lovely experience. If only the coffee were served in larger cups. Well, it was fine porcelain…..I’ll take that!

Must do: Look at all the items for sale in detail and enjoy your coffee with a mix of retro music.