Haiyah...no money lah

Haiyah…no money lah

That basically means “Sigh..I do not have money” in Manglish (Malaysian English).

Living in a foreign country makes me compare my experience here and back home – on a daily basis. Of course, there are obvious things that I compare. For example, the transportation.

“Busses in Germany arrive on.the.dot. according to the schedule unlike Malaysia”

Or the food. “Why don’t they have McDonald’s delivery…unlike Malaysia?

Or whatever. Good or bad. I do compare.

But there are also certain experiences which are not that obvious and suddenly, I realised that there is a difference. It is only because I was so used to it and perhaps, guilty of doing it myself too.

One of it is the phase “No money lah….very poor” and sometimes, followed by “….not like you, earning Euro” out of nowhere, even when we were not talking about money or anything close to that.

At that point of time, I would like to just stop chatting. So seriously guys, don’t tell me this kind of crap that you have no money because I did not just put up an advertisement saying that I have money to give out.

In Germany, no one, ever…EVERRR told me that they have no money OR have money as a part of a conversation. I think one does not need to give a statement of their financial status (be it for real or not) unless it was a sincere statement, like when I ask. Because when one says, “I do not have money”, it really means, I.Do.Not.Have.Money.

Whenever I talk to my contacts back in Malaysia, 3 out of 5 will tell me, “I have no money/not enough money” or something similar. What is most irritating is that they continue stating something related to me earning Euro or living in Germany. Grrr!! Seriously guys???

But what is funnier, is that one can go on telling about the newly bought house or the expensive item but later on say, “I have no money lahhh….I have to eat bread now….”.

This made me think. Why are they like that? I guess, it is an “art” of being humble….well, somehow. Of course, sometimes people want to show others how well they are doing and at the same time, be humble. Showing off and being humble do not work hand in hand, duh! By saying something contradicting, like I have something pricy and I am poor gives balance to the whole situation.

And to those who think I am stupid and like to start fake talks like, “Boss! You are living a better life” or “You earn more, in Euro”….etc should be tickled till death. Guys, if you have never experienced such talks, it can actually go on and on because the other party will try to be more humble and say something like “Ohh…nooo, you live better, a better bonus/car/house..”. Why say things when we all clearly know, none of us means it.

Of course, he may be living a “better” life in his context but not mine because I would not change my life to be in his position. I believe many are just not contented or just thrilled to play the “Lets see who can be more humble” game.

Maybe, maybe I just look stupid and naive? And you really think that I will give out my hard earned money which I collected from garden behind my home in Germany? Oh yea, German trees grow Euro…. *rolls eyes*

If we are going to have such conversations, speak to my hand. I am not interested to have such talks.