Hallo 2012!

My facebook feed was filled with new year wishes and it was really quite difficult to separate myself from the new year “hype”. I was being quite bitter about new year. Not that I wasn’t looking forward to it but isn’t 01.01.2012 just another day? I was asked, “What’s your new year’s resolution?”. Well, I stopped believing in resolutions. Maybe it’s just me but I have never taken them seriously. In fact, I forget my resolutions after days. So what the heck….what’s new year? New start? Well, we can have a new start anytime….whenever we want to…if we want!

I was just being bitter. Until today, when shops closed at 2pm because its new year’s eve and fireworks were blasting even before midnight. I had to join the fun….and so I did.

No crowd tho’. There is a huge empty park near to the place I live. People who stayed near by walked out with party hats and champagne glasses to play the fireworks. It was really nice because I have never really seen fireworks in real.

This time, I was surrounded by fireworks.  FYI, fireworks are available at some supermarkets at the price of 20€ till 70€.

I hope the video below shows how it feels like being surrounded by fireworks!

Just like everyone else, I would like to summarize my 2011. 2011 was a great year for me. It started off with lots of “uncertainties” among the good news. I started my new life in a foreign country and being away from my family….13 hours away to be exact. I began to adjust myself in a new environment with a foreign language and had to adapt to a foreign culture. 2011 passed so quickly, that I am already missing it now.

There will not be no new year resolutions for me but I will make a few rules in 2012.

1. To learn how to love my job or try to find a little enthusiasm in my job because I have been slacking. Thus, I must do my work tomorrow…..

2. To start up something I like on the sidelines.

3. To live healthier..

These will be my top 3 to-do items in 2012 and should be done by Q1. (sounds like some plan in those corporate report)

So, everyone…cheers to a better year! Frohes neues Jahr!