Hallo aus Düsseldorf!

Helloo people. It’s 11.11pm now and I just finished my dinner one hour ago. Am still dirty as I have not showered and am hooked to my iPhone! I’m now blogging from my iPhone, by the way. Who cares if the hotel isn’t providing internet. This iPhone serves well.


My dinner was a typical german dinner which is….taa-daa bread!!


The hotel wanted to charge me 4 euro if I were to get fork and knife from them. I say, go fly kite and instead bit into the uneven hard bread. Now my gum is all sore.

So, this is a typical weekday in my life. Sometimes I sleep off without showering and get up at 3 to shower. Naaa.. I do weird stuff.

But today, I bought a pack of tidbits which will accompany me for work – part 2. Now now, life rocks huh!