Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gong xi fa chai!!!

I was too busy with my OWN Chinese New Year preparation and I totally abandoned my blog. It’s this funny feeling inside me that made me miss Chinese New Year a lot…aaaaa lotttt!! I can actually tell you how boring my CNY would be but the feeling of being there has it importance. I have been celebrating CNY all my life and suddenly, there is nothing to celebrate.

So I told myself, I had to do something! Luckily, the eve of CNY is on a Sunday and that gave me a chance to cook “reunion” dinner. Though it may not be the “reunion” dinner that you all had with your family, I insisted my CNY eve dinner to be filled with food. The must have – Fish, chicken and ‘Yu Sang’.

I tried to be lazy and searched for the easy way out but the Asian Store did not sell any “Yu Sang”. I was left without any choice but to come up with my own “Yu Sang”. The final out come was terrific! I honestly felt like it could be the “Yu Sang” from a local Malaysian chinese restaurant.

I spent in total of 4 hours in the kitchen and it was all worth it. I had the dinner I wanted! Even though my command of chinese language may not be good but I am very chinese at heart, IMO. I cleaned my home and hid the mop/ broom away because it’s bad luck to see it on the first day of CNY. The trash was all cleared on CNY eve because no rubbish should be thrown out of the house on the first day of CNY.

Chinese New Year has to go on although I am in Europe!!!

Anyway, it’s not too late, I would like to wish all my friends Gong Xi Fa Chai. May the year of Dragon bring only the best of health and happiness to everyone.