Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Better late than never!

When I was in school, new year was about sitting in my room in front of my computer, chatting in IRC.

When I was in college, new year was about surfing the internet and switching on TV before the clock strucks 12 to watch some fireworks on TV.

Last year, new year was about looking at fireworks for 15 minutes in the cold.

This year, new year was about watching “God of Cookery”. Yep, you’ve got it right. This old movie by Stephen Chow was my companion as the clock struck 12.

H u r r a h  h u r r a h. New year.

I bet you can feel the “excitement” in me. :)

Anyway, I asked myself, what do I want this coming year. I couldn’t come up with something. I checked my post last year. The only thing I can say sorta “proudly” is that (JP) and I found something that we can work on together. There will be more to come, more projects and hopefully, hopefully….I can work on it.

The day job can be really taxing and it takes quite a lot from it. But for sure, there will be some changes in 2013 – that I know. Challenges, good or bad..I don’t know. Fingers crossed. Hopefully all good.

My dear friends, hope year 2013 will bring much more success to all. Strive for something that you have always wanted because we only live once. Invest in (worthy) relationships all the time.

If you do have something that you would like to know or would like me to blog about, drop me a line at grace@gracemoments.com

I promise to blog more…..well, I try! Hee-hee!