Heidelberg, the romantic city

Heidelberg, the romantic city

This is a long due post. I was in Heidelberg back in June, when it was still nice and warm. Heidelberg has always been the place I wanted to visit because I heard so much about it even before being in Germany. She is known for the romantic landscape. If you are in Frankfurt and would like to do a day trip, Heidelberg is a must!

Just about 1 hour away from Frankfurt, Heidelberg is easily accessible from the Frankfurt Main Train Station. The Heidelberg Castle and the Old Bridge (Alte Bruecke) are the main highlights of this place.

Here I am with my signature jump in front of the Old Bridge (Alte Bruecke).

Another reason to travel to Heidelberg was very much more personal to me. Due to the lack of Malaysian restaurants, I had to find my way to Serai. Serai is one of the many few malaysian restaurants available in Germany. I managed to satisfy my crave for true malaysian food. The owner who is a malaysian from Negeri Sembilan told me that the Chef is from Malaysia too! Besides that, the owner bakes and makes some kuih sold in the restaurant. The currypuff which was made by her was fantastic!

So after a hearty meal, I took the tram to the Heidelberg Castle. There is a German Pharmacy Museum within the compound of the castle and there is no entrance fee! More info here: http://www.deutsches-apotheken-museum.de/

From the castle, one is able to have a good view of beautiful Heidelberg.

The river that is pictured above is the Rhein River, which is also the longest river in Germany.

It is really difficult to capture the whole beauty of Heidelberg to show it to you on my blog. Thus, I made another video here. Hope it will be informative for all! Subscribe for more video and drop me your comments :)