Hey You, 30 Something Unmarried Man!

My friend asked me after reading the previous post: “What about the 30 something year old unmarried men?”. I did not want to blog about this because I couldn’t really find anything to trigger me until the third phone call from this dude. I don’t know if I’m being PMS-y but these men drive me crazy – in a bad way. I hope he chokes as you read this.


Don’t you get it? I’m not interested?! When I only talk about work to you means:

“You remind me of work and I hate work. That means: I hate you!”

Why are the people here so unethical that they try to woo the girl in office. If it’s mutual, then congratulations. Go get married, have kids and die together. But hey, it-is-not-mutual! So please, stop harassing me. It is especially bad when I have to suck up to your idiotic honey coated words while rejecting you professionally. I’m running out of words and you are just testing my patience! If you can obtain yourself a highly respected post in a company, stop woo-ing girls this way. Go get your own clique.

What? ‘Old town white coffee or tea’ you say? That doesn’t work!!! Do I need to soak your head into a bucket of white coffee? It was so lame to call all the time and I have to talk to the walls before I pick the phone up.

*picks phone up*
*holds phone far away*
“Correct…let me get back to you….”

“Hello? Yes?”

*sound busy, frustrated, stressed*

I have to act because of you!? Each time the phone rings, I have to compose myself before I pick it up! You think I’m lame? You were worse! You felt my frustration and quickly talked about work. Dude, the job is just so simple. Why make things so difficult for you and I?!

You even suggested that one of us should resign because we are not allowed to go out together due to conflict of interest. Hello~~ It may be a joke for you but look, joke with class. I don’t find it funny, at all. Shame on you! Do you think it is really THAT easy to get a girl? How dumb!

Someone with many years of working experience? Hmpf! Just so unprofessional! Please give yourself some dignity and respect. You need it badly. Consider the arranged marriage you mom has prepared for you or you are gonna be an lonely dirty old man!

Yours truly,
A professional employee