How are you?

I have been surviving the change, so far. It hasn’t been long stay but long enough to miss home. I have been running around to get things settled but the good thing is, I feel healthier over here. I sleep at least 8 hours in a day, eat more fruits and drink more water. Fruits are really juicy over here! *yums*

I am also coping with a ‘squirrel kitchen’ which is freaking small.

Seeking for food that looks like home from time to time.

Getting used to cooking almost twice a day.

Loving the customer service here where one is greeted with much joy and manners.

Going crazy with the sales and yet feeling disappointed cause I must refrain from shopping, at the moment.

Also visited a park and zoo. Spring is quite a beautiful season.

It’s really nice to see people laying on the park to enjoy the spring breeze with a book or elderly couples cuddling at the park bench. Just something I wouldn’t see back home.

So, as you can see….Grace is doing fine.

Seriously, fine….

Mach’s gut!