I am on holiday!

I am on holiday!

I officially declare that my holiday just started. Well, it began on Monday but I was still hanging around in Frankfurt before flying to Croatia earlier today.

The flight from Frankfurt took about 1.5 hours. Passengers were given an inflight snack each since it was a short flight. Wrapped in a white paper bag with the prints “Flavours of Croatia”, I quickly took my first bite of the bread! Then the second…and took a peek to see what was in the bread. It was a few pieces of (tasteless) cheese, two mini blotches of butter and two fine pieces of paprika.


Wellll…I know Lufthansa puts in more effort in their snacks. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a Snickers bar. That bread was just sad. Keep in mind that Air Croatia is also a part of Star Alliance, like Lufthansa. So I expected more.

I think I became a fussy traveler. Hehe. Anyway, I was hungry and gobbled the bread.

Dubrovnik so far has been a love hate thing. It was already dark when I arrived, so its not that beautiful. But I was at the old town and it was lovely.


The girls here are lovelier though. Young chicas with extreme short skirts and very high heels. They are often in groups. Hmmm…in fact, most of them are British. I feel underdressed. Maybe some shopping tomorrow??? Hehe.

Anyway, I will be taking a rest from the blogathon. 4 days, 4 posts! Puh! More updates on twitter or instagram: gracemoments