It was all the while behind my head, “Grace, update the blog.”

“Grace!! Your blog!!!”

Hah! Some I actually have something better lined up compared to this post that I am writing now. But this promise, I try to keep or else I will be feeling very very guilty.

Life is currently good at this point of time. Busy as usual with work and I have been living in hotel rooms so frequently, that I think I can get a lifetime free rooms my next life. Exaggerating as usual but seriously, it’s just that many nights. I am not complaining since I am out here to earn bucks and I am still young! Hence the enthusiasm. Let’s see how long it can last :P

So, for the sake of typing something, let me tell you about my week.

1. I struggled through my German meetings, once again. That’s not new!!

2. I have been taking up private German lesson again with Goethe Institute. Homework has to be done over the week.

3. I bought lots of items online! To be precise, clothes. Hohohoho!

I know this post is worthless but it’s just a form of “blogging” to make me feel better. So, to a good week ahead! Good night y’all!!