It may not be as easy as we think it may be

Or how do we say it? Over confidence?? Perhaps.

I was clicking away and I saw this….

And how do I feel after the 5th month? Well, no longer excited and finally reality is settling in.

It’s funny…when one says “Aiya….when you are in the country, you will pick up the language easily!!”

I thought so too..but it’s definitely not that easy. In my previous post, I mentioned how I would shy away to avoid conversations. I don’t do that often these days but I bet it must be very painful to hear me speaking German. Bad grammar, pronunciation…etc. I can no longer care about it or feel nervous about it anymore because if I don’t speak, I’ll never learn! So yea, I once recorded myself speaking German and gosh…..lets hope it gets better soon…

Others told me, cultural differences will always be a challenge and I thought, “Nahh…it will never be a problem”. It is not really a problem but there are minor stuff that can be disturbing. Minor things like….to say no or be specific which what I want. These are things which I have never thought it would be a “problem”.

All these little things can be sometimes quite a nuisance and I forgot how to just stop complaining but to just move on or accept how things are. That way, life will be much easier. Let’s see what happens next in the next few months.

Btw, it’s September now….and summer is gone. That was fast.