Japan Week

I wasn’t aware that there are about 3,300 Japanese who are currently residing in Frankfurt. Was really interesting to see so many Asians gathering in town for Japan Week. The shopping area in Frankfurt, Hauptwache was where this event was held. Many little booths for food were set up. IMO, there weren’t enough Japanese food but all they had were 4 booths dedicated to “japanese food”. I wanted to try the Takoyaki which were selling for 6€ for 6 but the queue was super duper long. So, forget it :P

There were many Japanese ladies in Kimono and of course everybody wanted to take photos with them….that includes me as well. Hehe!!

JP and I were there at about 3pm, just in time for the drum show or whatever they call it. Honestly, it sounded very much similar to the drums played during Chinese New Year. Is there any difference?? Mmm.. Here are some photos taken during the event:

At about 4.30pm, we were ar Römerplatz (10 minutes from Hauptwache) and some Japanese were performing this cute dance. They even interacted with the crowd by asking them to join the dance as well. That was when I moved away from the crowd =P

There was also a Japanese flower arrangement exhibition.

The Japan Week event will be running throughout the whole week with lots of tea ceremonies at Palmengarten (Palm Garden) and Presentations of Sake. Unfortunately, I will be working and will not be able to attend any of those events.

We found a nice Japanese themed restaurant, Aiso in MyZeil (a shopping mall near Hauptwache). I had the Teriyaki Katsu-don for 7.50€.

Was nice enough for the German standard but boy, how I miss Sushi Zanmai back in KL!! Aiso is worth a revisit though….since there is no Sushi Zanmai here.

Just like every weekend, I had my dose of Bubble Tea! I think I can proudly say that I am an expert in Bubble Tea now since I have tried Bubble tea in Malaysia, Taiwan, London and Germany. Micha is a Bubble tea store which has been opened since 1 year ago in Frankfurt. I will write up more about it when I have the time. But just look at the queue!

This is their second outlet. I think she is going to be a millionaire soon by selling bubble tea! Now, who has the excess money to open a Chatime outlet with me in Germany???

If you are wondering about the increase of photos’ quality, thank the new EOS 600D. It makes lovely photos. These were the few shots I took after receiving the camera from Amazon.

There weren’t much editing (since I don’t know how to use Photoshop) but the colours captured by the camera are simply amazing! Anyway, that’s my new leather jacket/ shoes and top from London. I need more trips to London! Sponsors perhaps???

Let me end this post with a cute photo of a German baby boy, just like a doll. How can they have such genes!!!