Just one of those days

Just one of those days

…when I think I should have just kept my mouth shut and get my stuff done. And the whole scenario keeps playing in my head, multiple times, thinking…”Ahhh…I could have done better” or “I shouldn’t have done that”.

Have you ever had that kind of thoughts running through your mind?

Is it just us girls who think too much?

And you, men, do not put much thoughts into the past?

Or maybe, I am just tired. Tired of traveling. Sounds like bragging maybe, but I am really tired. For once, no more packing and unpacking but going back to routine sounds like the right thing to do. Or maybe I just don’t have a choice and I try to make myself feel better by saying so.

Perhaps, it is just one of those days.

Or…..I may be just too tired from the workout by Blogilates. Anybody doing the June Workouts? I started today and I can hardly move after that. As of now, I sit on my sofa, feeling very sleepy and lazy. Just unwilling to make a move.

Yawn~ Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.