WTF is that? It’s a market!! Now, why is this so special??? Cause it’s a wet markettt!!!


I think there is only one in Frankfurt! Now, that’s special aight! Klein-markt-halle basically means small-market-hall. One can get almost everything here. Even fresh fishes!! (So??!! What’s so great about it??)

Well, you see……Germany is very lucky to be right in the middle of Europe, which means, there is no sea around us except for northern Germany. That’s wayyyyy far. It’s not common to get fresh fishes but only those frozen fillet which are packed in boxes. I yearn for fresh fishes ever since I came here. And guess what, I found it in Kleinmarkthalle.

This market is also a tourist attraction (as listed in TripAdvisor, #3 out of 21 interesting shopping places in Frankfurt). This should give you an idea on how boring amazing Frankfurt is when it comes to shopping! Anyway, it’s really the place to get meat, fishes, breads and vegetables and fruits of all types. There is even a stall selling asian ingredients and sushi!

Tropical fruits such as papaya can also be found here.

Papayas from Malaysia costs 11€ per kg. And how much is it back in the Night Market (Pasar Malam)? 0.25€ for one!!

So, more raw ingredients means more good food in the making! Yay!!