Life is a rollercoaster

Life has been moving very quickly. It is really nice to feel the adrenaline rush all the time. Hopefully I will not get tired of it. The last week was a very successful week, if I may say. :) It was worth all the hours. Besides that, I still have time to cook in the evening. So, I still get my Malaysian food. Cheers to that.

Other than that, my curry puffs were also quite good but more improvement needed. Without a rolling pin and a big space, I think I did well too.

Well done to myself. *Pats back*

I also managed to get my ‘first pick-up’ here – on my 2nd day. I was out for lunch with a friend at a chinese buffet restaurant and upon paying for my food, I was given a name card by the waiter.

How sweet, eh? Mmm..seems like I am still attractive here. Haha! Once again, well done Grace! Hohohoho…