Lucky girl

I was never the brightest student or the best person one may know. One thing for sure, I think, I am a very lucky girl because I somehow get what I want. Well, of course I don’t sit and wait for it to fall on my lap but the journey has been so far smooth (with some bumps here and there).

When I left everything behind, I was afraid that I am making a mistake. Nevertheless, something deep inside me told me to – Just do it! Of course, I have also been a very lucky girl because I own a very supportive family. My parents have never stressed me in any way and believe it or not, I was only told to do one thing – study well. Seriously, that was all. I hardly lifted my finger to do something at home. It was all placed under my nose, even drinking water. They supported me with my decisions and helped me so much in any way they could.

I am also a very lucky girl because I found real good friends or BFFs as they say it. They are people whom I can really count on. They make me laugh and advice me whenever needed. On the day I left, they were all so sweet that they sent me off at the airport. They gave me a “farewell present” and I thought it was some money which I could make use of (haha!) but it was worth more than money of course. :)

A very lucky girl, I am. Just because I have my family and friends supporting me…..even though I am in another continent. I miss them, loads!