LV? Coach? Gucci?


I met an acquaintance earlier, by accident. After many years of not meeting and all the fake “how are you?” sort of conversation, I had to compliment her handbag. It was a very attractive bag (to me) and I was so darn sure that it costs a bomb. The next few minutes of conversation with her was just so irritating, so much that I secretly wish that I can wrap her head in that bag.

Well, she first said that the bag wasn’t that expensive. Then she told me, she rather have handbags of this brand because you rarely find the fakes (okay, point taken). What pissed me off was, LV/ Gucci/ Coach aren’t her kind of brands because fakes are available everywhere. Thus, it is often used by prostitutes. If she were to use the mentioned brands, she will then be associated with prostitutes. It’s like, she may be a prostitute who uses a ‘fake’ LV/ Gucci/ Coach!!! (IMO, it happens IF you look like one, no?)

What kind of mentality that is? Since when labels define our social standards?

You know what, she better move out of Mont Kiara, a place where properties are expensive. Why? I heard there are many mistresses who are ‘kept’ there. Could she be one of them? Perhaps. *bitchy mode*

Note: FYI, I own a very little coach bag which is now dusting in my cupboard. I find my RM20 bag more um…user friendly. Haha!